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The Pajarito Water Dream Team

Yesterday, we had an impressive group on the mountain – it was like Pajarito’s Water Dream Team:

Our hydrology expert – who earned his doctorate in hydrology – has worked extensively not only with Pajarito but also with Sipapu as well. He completed the augmentation plan for Pajarito several years ago and is responsible for the success of the weir at the bottom of the Mother Lift.

Our pond engineer designed Pajarito’s 10-million gallon holding pond and was extremely involved in the previous pond building process.

Former Los Alamos Ski Club president George Lawrence is a renowned local expert when it comes to ...

“We’re Moving Water to the Pond.”

Yesterday, I received a great email from Tom Long. It simply said: We’re moving water to the pond. The County’s water tank at Pajarito – which holds 250,000 gallons of water – filled this week. Pajarito’s weir (or water collection site) collects water, which is then transferred to the water tank. Tom and his team pulled the top five feet from the full tank and moved it to the ski area’s 10-million gallon holding pond.

Yesterday we learned this tank is full, and we migrated the top 5 feet feet of water to our pond.

This is a ...

Water to the Mountain

Pajarito’s collection pond.

We’ve scheduled a meeting with the hydrologist and pond engineer for this Wednesday, and George Lawrence, former president of the Ski Club, will be on hand to lend us his renowned expertise of Pajarito’s water history, challenges and opportunities.

Our objective for this first meeting is to identify potential pond locations for additional water storage, and I anticipate we will also determine additional weir (or water collection point) locations.

I’m also pleased to report that we are making progress in soliciting bids for our test well. Not many contractors have the capability to ...

Day 1: Progress

First and foremost, allow me to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your approval during last night’s vote. Throughout every step of this process, and last night especially, we have been impressed by the Los Alamos Ski Club’s passion for Pajarito, the Board’s dedication to see it succeed and the community’s unwavering support. We are thankful for your confidence and proud to take the first steps with you today.

During last night’s meeting, I presented this slide and outlined exactly how we would begin our work, starting Day One. Here is what we initiated today:

We engaged the hydrologist that ...

Los Alamos Ski Club Approves Transferring Pajarito

The Los Alamos Ski Club announced today that a 2/3 majority of voting members approved to transfer Pajarito Mountain Ski Area to Los Alamos County and the management group that operates Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort. County and Sipapu officials pledged to make skiing – and especially securing water for snowmaking purposes – their first priority.

The unique partnership between Los Alamos County and Sipapu will ensure the future of skiing and year-round recreational activities at Pajarito, said outgoing Los Alamos Ski Club President Philip Rae.

“The business plan summary from Sipapu and the County presents an attractive future for Pajarito Mountain,” ...