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More Water Collection Progress

Since our water update on June 15 (see: The Rain Keeps Coming!), we continue to see fantastic progress in our water collection efforts. To date, we’ve pumped more than 1.6 million gallons to our holding pond, and we’re measuring well above the 2 million gallon mark.

Measuring our holding pond’s water depth. It’s looking very good up there!

Last Monday, we drew another 10 feet (or 60,000 gallons) of water from the County’s 250,000-gallon holding tank. We’re required to maintain at least 32 out of that tank’s 42 feet of water for possible fire mitigation, and each time the tank measures ...

Free Firewood for Ski Club Members

Tree Clearing Update

I wanted to say a special thank you to the volunteer chainsaw crew. Once the lifts closed, these guys were ready to get to work, and they’ve already made a difference in this early season. Know that we are strategic in how we clear trees:

We’re extremely selective when it comes to taking down hazardous trees in new growth areas and Aspen stands. We are targeting trees that are dead or potentially hazardous We are leaving the wind breaks and fencing

June 16 hail at Pajarito

I’m also pleased to report that we will have access to a new track steer and ...

The rain keeps coming!

The rain keeps coming!

I’m pleased to report that Pajarito has benefited from this extra moisture. Our water collection system has been working on overdrive since we closed in March. We have harvested much more water than we did last year: as of today, we’re storing around 2 million gallons in our holding pond (last fall, at the beginning of snowmaking season, we had around 500,000 gallons). Having four times the amount of water is certainly cause for celebration, although we’re still working hard to capture even more: as a matter of fact, we recently purchased a new pump that will ...