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5 Million Gallons of Water Collected

 We Could Fill the Pond by the End of Summer!

Last week was an impressive water collection period for us. We pumped 62 hours straight (from Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. through Thursday at 8:30 p.m.), and our staff made a direct pond depth measurement on Friday. We took this measurement to George Lawrence, former Los Alamos Ski Club president and a local expert when it comes to water at Pajarito Mountain (he was also instrumental in the design of Pajarito’s original pond.) George has created a model of the pond as it is actually built, and he utilizes a volume-versus-depth table ...

Surface Water is Running Again

Last week, we had a big rain that opened up some nearby springs that we have not seen in years. During that time, our weir – which typically pumps around 15 gallons per minute – was pumping 95 gallons per minute. As of last week, our pump logs tell us that we’ve transported over 2,125,000 gallons into our holding pond!

Measuring the pond depth. Photo taken July 10, 2015.

Our general manager, Tom Long, also reported yesterday morning that we have now pumped the County tank for seven days in a row. The tank is filling everyday and we are pumping ...