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5 Days To Opening Day!

Last night Pajarito received 2 more inches of fresh snow! It was our pleasure to have James Coleman, Pajarito’s Managing Partner, on the mountain last night helping us prepare the mountain for Saturday’s scheduled opening. Snowmaking conditions were ideal, with low temperatures and humidity helping our snowmaking team (and James!) make a great product on Bruce’s Boulevard and Lone Spruce and the connector between Lone Spruce and the Aspen Lift.

Me in the snowcat trackpacking our new snow!

Besides making snow, James spent the lion’s share of the evening (and the wee hours of the morning) in the pump ...

Pajarito Now Opening December 3

Although we’ve had a successful snowmaking push and picked up 4” of snow last night, we have made the difficult decision to delay Pajarito’s opening, which was originally scheduled for this Friday, Nov. 25. Tommy Long, Snowmaking Manager, says “We’ve been working around the clock to get the best product open for our guests but Mother Nature has proven to be a tough adversary.” I am hopeful we will be able to open Saturday, Dec. 3.

“The little bit of extra time gives us the opportunity to put the best possible product out there on Opening Day,” Tommy adds. We’re concentrating ...

Snowmaking Begins at Pajarito!

I’m excited to confirm that yesterday, November 17, snowmaking began at Pajarito Mountain! We started making snow late afternoon and continued all the way through the night. In total we had seven guns fired up on the mountain: two of the portable guns on Bruce’s Boulevard and one on Lower Lone Spruce with the rest of the fixed guns (on Spruce), M-12’s, M-18 and A9 Lance.

The guns are still fired up as of 9:00 a.m. this morning

Our low temperature hovered at 11 degrees last night with a wet bulb on top of the mountain. As of this morning, our ...