Buddy Passes

New Passholder Benefit

Buddy Passes are exclusive lift ticket discounts that select passholders can share with friends, family, neighbors,
your cousin’s boyfriend—anyone!

Use this guide to determine how to share the love during the 2017-2018 winter season.

All About Buddy Passes

Q: How many buddy passes do I receive?
A: Your pass comes pre-loaded with 6 Buddy Passes.

Q: What’s the discount?
A: Your six (6) Buddy Passes are available at 15% off.

Q: Are there blackout dates?
A: No.

Q: How many can I use at one time?
A: Use one Buddy Pass per visit or use all of them up on one day—the choice is yours.

Q: How do I get my Buddy Passes?
A: Visit your favorite ticket office window and present your pass, along with the lucky Buddy or Buddies who are getting the discounted ticket. Either you or your Buddy/Buddies can pay for the discounted lift ticket.

Q: Where can I use the Buddy Passes?
A: It depends on which pass you purchased:

  • If you purchased the Power Pass, your Buddy Passes are good at any resort (Purgatory, Snowbowl, Hesperus, Sipapu or Pajarito).
  • If you purchased the Local Power Pass+ or Local Power Pass, your Buddy Passes are good at Hesperus, Sipapu or Pajarito.
  • Use all of them at one resort, or pick and choose wherever you would like.

Q: Which season passes include the Buddy Pass benefit?
A: Buddy Passes are only available on the Power Pass, Snowbowl Power Pass, Local Power Pass PLUS+ and Local Power Pass. They are not available on Value, Family or any Convenience or other promotional season passes.

Q: Can I apply my Buddy Pass discount on an already-discounted lift ticket (early season rates, lift ticket promotions, etc.?)
A: Buddy Pass discounts can only be applied to in-season, full-day, full-price lift ticket rates. These discounts are available on adult, teen, child and senior ticket products. The Buddy Pass discount may not be combined with other promotions.

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