Learn to Ski and Snowboard at Pajarito

January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard month. Now, I may be a little biased, but I think and Pajarito Mountain is the best place in New Mexico to learn to ski and snowboard. Our mountain is unique for beginners because of the big increase in skill from the beginner area to the rest of the mountain. When beginners start skiing beyond the beginner area through the rest of the terrain, they can pretty much ski anywhere.

Brand New Magic Carpet
Guests at Pajarito are really enjoying the brand new Magic Carpet surface lift. This fall, we said goodbye to our old handle tow and installed the new Magic Carpet conveyor lift. A conveyor lift is super easy for beginners—even our youngest guests—to ride. At 170 feet long, it moves 800 more skiers and snowboarders per hour than the old handle tow.


Expanded Beginner Area
Installing the new surface lift required reshaping our beginner area, including expanding the loading area and constructing a retaining wall near the SnowSport School. First-time skiers and snowboarders now have double the area to safely and successfully get on the snow.

SnowSport School Lesson Packages
Our Never-Ever Group Lesson Package and Beginner Group Lesson Package make it affordable to learn to ski or snowboard. Whether you’re getting out on the slopes for the first time, or you’re aiming to build better technique and master new terrain, Pajarito has a lesson for you. Find group lesson information here.

girl in blue by lodge

Aprés Ski Beer & Band Events
After your lesson, why not take a load off at one of our popular Beer & Band events? Our friends at Bathtub Row Brewing Co-Op start pouring craft beer at noon. And you can enjoy live music from 3—5 p.m. This winter’s Beer & Band schedule is right here.