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Los Alamos Ski Club

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The Los Alamos Ski Club (LASC) is a not-for-profit organization. Its membership consists of about 2000 – 3000, who elect a volunteer board of nine directors each serving three-year terms. Less than 10 full-time employees work for the ski club. In the winter there are an additional 50-60 part-time persons, not including the ski school and the ski patrol.

Although associated with the club, the ski school of 20-30 persons work independently financially. Its members are fully trained and accredited and are paid from their own income. A few years ago its director was president of the Rocky Mountain Ski Instructors Association.

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By charter, club memberships (i.e., voting season passholders) are limited to persons who primarily live or work in the county. Non-voting season passes may be purchased by anyone. The area is open to day skiers who have constituted about a third of the users since the early days at Pajarito.

Volunteer summer work parties cut new slopes on Saturdays and Wednesday evenings. Flaugh and Strong have been at it for well over 20 years. Jim and Markeita Hedstrom, Gene Moore, Rene Prestwood, Milt Gillespie, and Larry Madsen also have contributed over many years.

Other work parties:

  • build new stairways,
  • mend boundary fences
  • build new lodges or ski patrol buildings, and
  • clear downed timber in the woods for skiing through the trees.

The annual contribution of volunteer labor over the years is equivalent to several full-time employees with a wide range of engineering and scientific training.

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