Photo Highlights From 2019-2020 Season

Thanks for a great season! Thanks to all of our pass holders,  guests, and employees for making this season a great one. Here are a couple of our favorite guest photos from the 2019-2020 ski season. 

Snow day at Pajarito


Skiiers with a ring






Santa on a Snowboard


snowboarders hiking


Snowboarders hiking up




kids at mtn vibes

@justinmtnvbz from the MTN Vibes event

Quote from Justin about MTN Vibes: To say this past weekend was truly memorable is an understatement. When I founded Mountain Vibez and Good Vibez Non-Profit I never expected it would turn into all of this. Through my passion to snowboard, I have found a way to take abused, less fortunate, and at risk youth out to display a positive outlet in life through the tough times. Hosting these events can be a major undertaking. This past weekend we hosted two back to back. I have an amazing support team next to me that help make this all possible. @emilysorger @shredmamba @shinoders7 @allie.505 @esther_a25 On Sunday, for the first time in three years of events and hundreds if not thousands of kids, I took out my first kid. Normally I’m so busy running the event I don’t get the time to actually take a kid one on one. It simply reminded me why we and more so why I do this. By days end my kid had the biggest smile on their face along with all the other kids, but I was able to stand back for a moment, from all the noise and just appreciate, I/we were the reason that child was smiling. My favorite quote is “you’ll never see a uhaul behind a hearse” I even have a tattoo of that quote, but this past weekend opened my eyes even more that it’s not the money I accumulate in life that matters, it’s the positive impact I can have that will live on longer than me, that truly means something. Thank you to everyone for all your support. I truly appreciate it. Thank you. @mountainvibez