Public Meeting August 25

This Monday, August 25, the Santa Fe National Forest will hold a public meeting at 6:00 p.m. Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church, Kelly Hall, to answer questions about our proposed temporary pipeline. In light of this, we wanted to address a few questions we’ve already received. Feel free to post additional questions or comments in the section below – or know that we will be at this public meeting next week to answer your questions in person.

This pipeline is, in fact, temporary. The Forest Service will allow us to utilize our proposed pipeline for no more than 12 months. This transitory solution allows us to guarantee what the Los Alamos Ski Club and the Los Alamos Community have asked us, together with the County, to do – secure a ski and snowboarding season for the 2014-2015 winter while we continue to evaluate and explore more permanent options.

Transferring water from Los Alamos Reservoir and/or the Los Alamos County water tank to the holding pond at Pajarito Mountain is currently the most viable option and provides the least impact on the mountain, the Pajarito staff, and the Los Alamos community. The water that we’re talking about using is less than one percent of the total annual allocation in Los Alamos County. Furthermore, not only will this water support and supply the ski area’s snowmaking efforts, it would also provide a ready and available source of water for fire mitigation purposes.

Our priority has, and always will be, skiing and snowboarding. As you know, creating a full ski and snowboard season will not only mean that tens of thousands of guests will be on Pajarito slopes during the winter, it will also create jobs for local residents while generating an economic impact in the local community that will be worth millions. Ski Club members will return to these slopes while we bring new guests, both from New Mexico and beyond, to this mountain, our community’s restaurants, attractions and hotels. Kids will follow in their parents’ and grandparents’ footsteps (or ski tracks) while carrying the tradition of skiing in Los Alamos; some will learn to race – and win – on ski teams. The benefits go on and on.

Just over three months ago, over 90% of the Los Alamos Ski Club members at the May 16th meeting voted to continue operations at Pajarito Mountain Ski Area by transferring the ski area to the County and our Group, and we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. We were moved by the stories of how Pajarito shaped the lives of individuals and families for generations. We were proud to be a part of Pajarito’s story – both now and its future.

Now we ask you, Los Alamos Ski Club members, both past and present, as well as anyone who, like us, want to see Pajarito thrive and succeed: please join us on August 25 and lend us your support again as we take this next important step toward a full winter season at Pajarito.