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Join the Seniors Clinic Group Every Thursday

60+ Clinics

Are you over 60 and ready to level up your skiing skills? Join our friendly recurring senior clinics every Thursday from 10 AM – Noon. Meet at the cafe to join the group.

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learn new skills and enhance existing ones

The clinics, led by local seniors, focuses on basics including:

  • Efficient posture, stable upper torso, active lower limbs, flexible joints.
  • Lateral movement of the skier to bend and pressure the skis to initiate turning actions.
  • Continuous motion to link the turns, maintain dynamic balance, and establish rhythm & flow.
  • Flexing and extending our legs enables us to remain ‘centered’, as we shape, and link the turns to retain balance, and control our speed of descent. 
  • Pedaling the legs, (extending against the outside ski, while flexing the inside leg), increases edging, pressure and promotes lateral movement.  
  •  Rhythmic pole action (touch or plant) enhances fluidity and consistency.

The group may use video analysis and critiques for feedback on skills.

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