Skiesta is tomorrow!

For this week’s Skiesta preview, I’ll turn the reigns over to Los Alamos Ski Club President Susan Brockway (and if you haven’t read what the Albuquerque Journal just wrote about it, please read it here). We hope you can join us tomorrow for our biggest winter event:

Who’s ready for this year’s Skiesta? Tomorrow, March 19, prepare your most outlandish costumes in order to compete in a number of fun events!

Pajarito Mountain Ski Area_0315_LBucklin-9177_4x6@300

Photo courtesy of Leslie Bucklin

Pajarito Mountain Ski Area_0315_LBucklin-9137_4x6@300

Photo courtesy of Leslie Bucklin

Every year, we crown a new King and Queen of Pajarito. These fair individuals must be dressed in their best costumes and place in the top three of two signature events in their age group: the Pinhead Challenge, the giant slalom, the rail jam, or the mogul race. The victor of these events will not only win the prestigious title of royalty at Pajarito, but they will also win bragging rights.

The Pinhead Challenge is the beginning of the festivities and the start towards the crown. Contestants will race up the mountain by skiing or skating. Once they reach the summit, they will traverse the mountain before racing down to the finish line.

The giant slalom is a more serious event, where competitors will take two runs each. The best time from two runs will determine the winner of the event. The mogul competitions will allow competitors to have a couple of line choices to take down. The goal is to impress the judges the most in order to determine the winner.

Pajarito Mountain Ski Area_0315_LBucklin-9033_4x6@300

Photo courtesy of Leslie Bucklin

For the sloppy slalom racers, expect a less serious event, as it will take place through a wacky obstacle course. This is a great event for all ages to compete in.

Kids are also welcome to join in the fun with the Kids Tee- Pee Race, as well as the events above. This event allows kids the opportunity to race down the slopes while skiing through “tee- pee” gates. There will be kid geared prizes for the winners.

Each age division (kids, teens, adults, and masters) will have medals awarded for the gold and silver finalists. If you win, we expect you to wear your medal the remainder of the day with pride. You earned it, after all!

Pajarito Mountain Ski Area_0315_LBucklin-9157_4x6@300

Photo courtesy of Leslie Bucklin

In addition to the events listed above, you will also get to enjoy local craft beer. We will have five breweries at our beer garden, hosted by the New Mexico Beer Association. Entry to the beer garden is $10 and please remember to bring cash (there’s no ATM at Pajarito)!

Felix y Los Gatos will play a live set of music, which some describe as a mix of Americana, blues, funk, Rancheras Cumbias, and Zydeco. Grab a freshly grilled burger to top the day off.

The first Skiesta took place February 29, 1948 and boasted a sound truck, fancy costumes, and a hot dog lunch for only $0.50. It was named after a popular movie during the time period, and the name has stuck with the event ever since. Things may have changed a bit since the first Skiesta took place 68 years ago, but we promise it is still the same, wacky event it has always been.