More Water Collection Progress

Since our water update on June 15 (see: The Rain Keeps Coming!), we continue to see fantastic progress in our water collection efforts. To date, we’ve pumped more than 1.6 million gallons to our holding pond, and we’re measuring well above the 2 million gallon mark.

Measuring our holding pond's water depth. It's looking very good up there!

Measuring our holding pond’s water depth. It’s looking very good up there!

Last Monday, we drew another 10 feet (or 60,000 gallons) of water from the County’s 250,000-gallon holding tank. We’re required to maintain at least 32 out of that tank’s 42 feet of water for possible fire mitigation, and each time the tank measures at or near capacity, we move 60,000 gallons to the pond (we never want the tank to overfill, so we monitor it carefully). By Tuesday afternoon, it was already back up to 35 feet again, and as of Friday, it was at 42 feet – and we drew another 60,000 gallons.

We’ve also recently installed a 1.5 horsepower pump that improves the weir’s ability to collect water by 30 gallons per minute. This is just one example of the many ways we’re working hard to capture virtually every drop of water available to us. As always, we are encouraged by this progress but are vigilant in our determination to do everything we can now to ensure the best ski and snowboard season – both in 2015-2016 and beyond.