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about pajarito season pass faqs

Pajarito Season Pass FAQs

Learn more about Pajarito ski passes, and quickly find answers to the most frequently asked questions (faqs) about pass renewals, benefits and more. Pajarito season pass faqs include:

  • Season Pass Details
  • Pass Benefits
  • Power Kids
  • Purchasing & Receiving
  • Season Lift Tickets
  • Payment Options
  • Refunds

Season Pass Details

What happened to the Power Pass Local?

The Power Pass Local is now the Power Pass Core. We updated the name to help clarify that anyone can purchase this pass, not just those near Los Alamos. 

Can I just renew my current pass?

YES! When you renew your pass, you can re-use that same card next winter – no need to print a new one!

Can I upgrade my pass after I purchase it? 

Yes! Please contact us at [email protected] to upgrade your pass. Current season pass pricing applies to all upgrades.  

Season Pass Benefits

How can I start skiing now on my 2023/2024 season pass?

Our Buy Now, Ski Now benefit lets you can start skiing immediately on your eligible 2023/2024 season pass! You can ski anywhere your new pass is valid. For example, if you purchase the Power Pass Core, you can ski Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort now.

If you intend to use your pass right away email us at [email protected] to schedule a time to pick up your new pass. Do not select free shipping at checkout.

Note, when purchasing Select or Core passes, the Buy Now, Ski Now pre-season benefit is not valid for any pass restricted access days. Those benefits begin in the 2023/2024 winter season.

How do I receive my pass benefits, like discounted tickets?

Many of our passes come with benefits, including discounted lift tickets (six tickets discounted 30% off the online rate) and on-mountain discounts. These discounts are available for online redemption at the beginning of the applicable winter season. Learn more about Season Pass benefits here.

Does the Core Pass have the same benefits of a Power Pass?

The Power Core Pass is part of the Power Pass family, but does not have the same benefits as the Power Pass. Compare pass benefits here.

What will the college discount be this year?

We are proud to offer Young Adult (19-24) passes in place of the former College Pass. No credits or proof of enrollment is required.

What is the Mountain Bike Power Pass?

The Mountain Bike Power Pass is a summer season pass offering unlimited summer uplift access to all four Power Pass bike parks:

  • Spider Mountain Bike Park
  • Purgatory Resort
  • Pajarito Mountain Ski Area
  • Brian Head Resort

Access at Spider Mountain is valid through August 29, 2023. Access at the other bike parks is valid through their respective closing days. Pass holders enjoy direct access to the lift with no blackout dates. There are no other benefits on this pass. 

Power Kids Pass

Is the Power Kids pass really free?

Yes! Kids ages 12 and younger at the time of purchase are eligible for a FREE season pass. No purchase is required for the Power Kids pass, it is truly FREE – no strings attached – and there are no blackout dates.

If my child turns 13 before next winter are they eligible for Power Kids pass?

The Power Kids pass is for kids ages 12 and younger at the time of purchase. As long as your kiddo is 12 when you register for the pass, you are all set.

Do I need to show proof of age?

Yes. You will be asked to submit legal paperwork that proves your child’s age. Most parents provide a copy of their child’s birth certificate.

Do I need to buy something to get a Power Kids pass?

Nope! There’s no strings attached – the Power Kids pass is really and truly FREE.

Will you mail my Power Kids pass?

Sure! Just make sure you select the “free shipping option” when you order your pass.

Does the kids pass come with any benefits, like discounted hot chocolate?

No, the Power Kids pass provides direct to lift access only. Skipping the ticket window gives you more time for skiing and riding.

Purchasing & Receiving Your Pass

How will I receive my pass?

Passes are available for pick-up at Pajarito Mountain Ski Area during the winter and summer seasons. Call or email us at [email protected] to verify when your pass will be available.

I’d like to talk with someone about my season pass. Who could I contact?

Feel free to email us at [email protected] 

Where can I buy my season pass?

Season passes are available online here.

2023/2024 Lift Tickets

How much will lift tickets be next season?

We no longer have a set window rate. Lift tickets are priced based on availability and demand. This year, on peak demand days (holidays, weekends, powder days), prices went up to over $100. On slower days prices ranged from $15-31 per ticket.

The earlier you lock in your ski day, the less you pay. We anticipate high demand days for next year not being more than $99. 

Visit our lift ticket page for details.

How much are lift tickets for kids?

Kids 12 and younger are eligible to receive a FREE season pass! The Power Kids pass is valid at ALL of our Power Pass ski resorts and Spider Mountain Bike Park.

Payment Plan

Is there a payment plan option for season passes?

Yes! All season passes may be purchased using our 0% interest payment plan. Learn more here.

Season Pass Refunds

Is my season pass refundable?

Season passes are non-refundable unless the “Season Pass Refund Option” is selected at time of purchase. Learn more here.

Have more questions?
Email us at [email protected] 

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