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Uphill Access

pajarito uphill access is year round

Year Round

Pajarito Uphill Access

Pajarito Mountain is a natural paradise and we welcome guests to visit and enjoy the mountain throughout the year.

Snowshoeing, skinning, hiking and summer biking are all accepted practices at Pajarito Mountain Ski Area.

Thank you for being courteous and responsible while using the Ski Area. 

uphill travel

Pajarito Uphill Access Hours

Pajarito permits uphill travel at any time, except on Townsight when the lift is running. We recommend that you wear a headlamp and reflective gear if traveling at night. Please check the trail report for lift hours.


Uphill travel should occur on the sides of the trail as close to the tree line as possible. Stay to the climber’s right traveling up and skier’s left traveling down the mountain and please avoid skiing down the middle and across the trail.

  • Always check for trail closures before you ski or hike. 
  • Terrain Parks are always CLOSED during non-operational hours.

Be Aware of Hazards

Many potential hazards exist in a mountain environment. Please be aware of, and avoid all mountain hazards. These hazards include, but are not limited to:

  • Winch Cat operations: Under no circumstance may anyone access any area where winch cat operations are taking place! Operations involve cables that are stretched tightly across the terrain and can be very dangerous! Skiing into them could result in serious injury or death.  Please heed all warning signs.
  • Snowcat grooming: Give snowcats a wide berth and make yourself visible to operators. Do not assume the operator will see you.
  • Snowmobiles: Ski Area staff may use snowmobiles for mountain maintenance after hours. For your safety, stay to the operator’s right on trails to avoid collisions. Do not assume a snowmobile can stop in time to avoid you, or that the operator will see you!
  • Please respect the grooming and try to avoid skinning or skiing across freshly groomed trails except for the cat tracks.

We welcome well-behaved dogs during non-operating hours. All dogs must be leashed when in or near the base area. We require guests to please pick up, pack out, and properly dispose of all waste. Failure to pick up after your pet will result in a loss of skiing privileges.

Please remain well clear of any grooming equipment, snowmobiles, and all ski lift infrastructure.

For emergency assistance, call 911.

On-mountain emergency services may not be available. Pajarito does not maintain the ski area for uphill access or patrol trails outside of normal ski area operating hours. Learn more

Skiing is an inherently dangerous sport and all users assume all risks associated with the use of the ski area, including the parking lot. Marked and unmarked obstacles exist. There are other inherent risks while recreating at the ski area, so be aware that you assume all risk of injury and property damage. Be especially aware of and avoid other skiers and riders approaching from above.

Power Pass Resorts