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Pass Payment

ski now pay later with the pajarito season pass payment plant

How the Pajarito Season Pass payment Plan Works

Easy, Convenient Interest Free Auto Pay Plan

Take advantage of our interest free auto pay plan and spread out the cost of your season pass purchase. It’s easy! Simply choose the season pass payment plan at the time of purchase. Your cost will automatically be divided into equal monthly payments with an initial payment at the time of purchase and remaining payments thereafter on auto pay the 30th of each month.

All passes on the payment plan are paid in full during the current season year:

  • Winter passes are paid in full by November 30
  • Summer passes are paid in full by July 30 

You man use your season pass anytime while you are still paying for it. When you choose the Power Pass you also get to enjoy summer discounts while paying for your pass.

Step 1 

Buy your season pass.

Step 2 

Choose the season pass payment plan.

Step 3 

Your credit card is automatically charged with an initial payment and then in equal amounts on the 30th of each month.

Step 4 

Use your pass! As of November 30, your pass is paid in full.

If you select the Season Pass Refund Option, your first payment includes the full cost for the Pass Refund Option. After the first payment, your credit card will be charged monthly in equal amounts. For the complete list of terms and conditions please view the Payment Plan Agreement.

Season Pass Payment Plan FAQs

Is there an interest or a finance charge when I choose to pay with the payment plan?

No. There is no interest, finance charge, or any hidden fees when selecting the payment plan to purchase your season pass.

How many months will it take to pay for my pass this way?

This is an automatic monthly payment plan. The number of payments – and number of months – depends on when you purchase your season pass. All payments are complete on November 30, 2020.

It is best to purchase your pass by the 14th of the month to maximize the number of payments you will have, and to lower your monthly payment.

An initial payment is charged at the time of purchase, and thereafter on the 30th of the month until your pass is paid in full. 

Can I update my credit card online?

Yes, you may update your credit card information here.

Is the payment plan an option for all season pass products?

No, it not valid for Power Packs.

Can I use the payment plan on anything else, like rentals or ski school?

No. At this time, the payment plan option only applies to the purchase of season passes.

Do I have to wait until my pass is paid in full before I can use it?

No. As long as you are regularly making the monthly payment, you may use the available summer and winter discounts anytime. If you fall behind on payments your pass will be suspended. Payments that are declined may be charged a $20 administrative, fee per incident.

Have more payment plan questions?
Email us at [email protected] 

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