Party at Paja Enduro

rocks at Pajarito

This one of a kind race is sure to be a gravity rider favorite as we are rolling out the first 100% lift accessed Enduro at Pajarito Mountain. Emphasizing good times, we have taken the exhaustion and grueling climbs out of the equation so riders can focus on what really matters… racing with your friends and creating memories.

Enduro? DH stage race? Timed party laps? We dunno…but its gonna be a party!

Team Trail Party will strive to create memorable experiences with a unique format that has been very popular in our previous events.

– Ride with whoever you’d like. Want to roll with the pros? Your significant other? Go for it! You’ll still be timed against your racing class. 
– Ride the stages in any order you’d like (add some strategy to the game).
– 4 to 5 stages.
– All lift accessed.
– Sportident world-class timing.

The party won’t stop after the last stage is complete. No sir, we will be hosting the Intergalactic Foot Down Championship as well as the Universal Lawn Dart (long jump) qualifier after the races. Things are sure to get interesting.

Learn more here more details to come.