Hugh Casey Brings Video Analysis for Seniors at Pajarito

Hugh Casey, one of our valuable, longstanding instructors, has recently begun experimenting with video analysis. Hugh and fellow instructor John Viney host the Pajarito Senior Clinic, which meets every Thursday at 8:30 am and is aimed at those 60 and older. The group skis together until lunch while learning contemporary ski techniques and enjoying the camaraderie of a shared passion for the snow. 

 Many instructors at bigger resorts offer video analysis to help skiers understand and see where they might need improvement. Hugh scheduled video sessions for 16 volunteers using his phone to take the footage. The group shot on Lone Spruce. Then, Hugh analyzed the video and using the “Coaches Eye” app, provided feedback to the individual skier, complete with overlaid graphics to illustrate a skier’s skeletal alignment or sequential foot-to-foot movement. He focused on the following areas to provide guidance: 

  • Speed / control of descent
  • Turn shape/steered/carved
  • Ski’s path
  • Skier’s CM path
  • Skier’s stance and skeletal alignment
  • Skier’s upper/lower body separation
  • Ski/snow action top v. bottom of turn
  • Skier’s legs extension/flexion (continuous v. static)
  • Pole action (timing and facilitates CM/skis cross-under)


Upon completion of the analysis, which was accompanied by 20-30 seconds of audio guidance, the skier received the analysis on Google drive. While this program is in the beta testing phases with the Senior group, it might be coming to a lesson near you.