Lift Tickets

Buy Early and Save
The early bird gets the worm. With dynamic pricing, you’ll enjoy the best price on lift tickets when you select off-peak days and buy in advance – the earlier you buy, the more you save.




Rest assured knowing that you’ll be able to adjust for unexpected situations with online self-service exchanges up until the night before you arrive. That’s right — you can change the date of your ticket up until the night before your visit. LEARN MORE

Half-day tickets are not available. 

Introducing the new Pajarito Card

The brand new Pajarito Card provides a contactless ticket, rental, and ski school experience, designed to deliver more time on the snow. You can add lift tickets, rental reservations, and lessons to one single, reloadable card that can be used again and again. The best news? It’s direct to lift! Watch the video to learn more about how to use your Pajarito card!