Thousands Invested in the Water Retention Pond




At the top of Pajarito, a 10 million gallon water retention pond holds the promise of more consistent snow and a little peace of mind. 

This year, Pajarito, together with Mountain Capital Partners has invested more than $250,000 to re-line the water retention pond that holds millions of gallons of rainwater and snowmelt. Each winter, Pajarito will use this water to create snow to jump-start the winter season. Over the years, the lining of the pond has deteriorated, making it impossible to hold onto the water. With this investment, Pajarito hopes to rejuvenate snowmaking to open earlier and stay open. 

The full pond has the added benefit of providing a water source in the case of a wildfire. Such a large body of water provides a place for the buckets dropped from helicopters to refill. Pajarito hopes to add a dedicated water source to fill the pond in the form of a pipeline that comes from Los Alamos, which will create consistent water to assist in wildfire mitigation and snowmaking. 

The project finished up in September, which means little precipitation to fill the pond, but we’re hoping next year it fills to the brim to allow for snowmaking next year.

In the meantime, do your snow dances, and pray for snow!