Behind the Scenes at Pajarito

Getting the Mountain Ready for a Terrific Season

Autumn is looking fantastic on Pajarito this week. Warm days and cool nights have made for some great days for our volunteer chainsaw crew to geton the mountain. They’ve been busy clearing the Fab Four and are heading east to Boomer, clearing dead wood and sprigs to create a smooth surface for this winter. We appreciate them so much! Those piles you see on your hikes up the mountain? Those are our many burn piles. We can’t burn them until after a snow, but as soon as the flakes fall, we’ll start the bonfires. 

At any ski resort, a smooth ground surface is an integral step to helping our snowmaking efforts. We basically want to be able to ski our mountain with a heavy frost. We are seeking to conserve every snowflake, whether manmade or not, to make our slopes last as long as possible. Our chainsaw crew is a huge help and you can be, too! Did you know you can gather firewood at Pajarito without a permit? Grab as much as you can and stop by the office for a certificate from Natalie to authorize it. Please help us get rid of those fallen trees. 

Soon, we will be mowing the mountain when the grass goes to seed. That new grass helps create that lovely smooth terrain for this winter and gets us one step closer to opening day. 

Our scheduled opening day is December 11, and we’ve been getting our annual lift maintenance done in anticipation. The pond has a couple of million gallons in it, and we’re excited for Mother Nature to do her part. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. – Tom