Creating a Family Legacy

Tom and Tommy Long, the Mountain Men of Pajarito

Some fathers and sons rebuild old cars, some go hunting or others hit the road for adventure. Very few have the opportunity to both work and play together – except our very own Tom and Tommy Long! Tom, a 50-year ski industry veteran, has been working at Pajarito since 2004. He’s our General Manager. Several years ago, Tom brought his son, Tommy, onboard whenever he needed an extra hand. In 2009, Tommy started full time, and is now our Snowmaking Manager.

Tom and Tommy Long

Tommy and Tom Long on the lift

While working at Pajarito, Tommy has gleaned a lot from his dad, including how to run a successful business and maintain the property with hard work and dedication, all while honing his skiing techniques. Tom first took Tommy skiing in a backpack at Sandia Peak when he was just 21 days old! At age 2, Tom strapped Tommy to his first pair of skis and the two have been skiing ever since.

This dynamic duo credits their unbreakable working relationship to one simple principle: give and take. Together the Longs tackle a vast array of issues head-on with grace and humor – even when they find themselves in a sticky situation like cleaning the sewers or handling bears on the mountain.

It’s no secret these two spend a whole lot of quality time together. When they’re not burning the midnight oil making snow or grooming out corduroy, they love to fish and watch a variety of sports (football is their favorite, the Patriots, Notre Dame and the Lobos top their list). On Sunday, you’ll find them working on the mountain before heading to Tommy’s house to tinker on a construction project and enjoy a great cigar.


Happy Father’s Day!

Tom and Tommy Long group skiing

Hanging out doing one of their favorite things – skiing!