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Meet the Mountain Monday!

Welcome to our summer series highlighting our employees, volunteers, and guests! Our marketing and events coordinator, Kes, will be introducing you to some of the people who make Pajarito such a special place.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Todd. 

We met while waiting for the Aspen lift to take us up this beautiful mountain. Visiting from Santa Fe, Todd had never been to Pajarito before. Given that I’m much better behind a camera than handlebars, I’m the last person to suggest the best biking trails. Instead, I shared my own experiences with the mountain and encouraged him to check out some of my favorite views. After loading onto the lift, I made sure he looked behind him. 


I enjoyed watching as he took in the beauty of the Pajarito Plateau. He admitted he didn’t know what to expect when coming to this mountain, but I could tell his excitement to explore was growing. Once the lift dropped us off, we said our goodbyes — he on his bike and me with my boots and camera. As I hiked down, I found myself wondering how he liked the trails. Was he enjoying himself? What does he think of Pajarito? Thankfully, I didn’t have to wonder too long because we soon ran into each other again halfway down the mountain. 

I asked how he was doing and he replied with a big grin on his face, “This place is amazing. I’m already planning another trip to bring my buddies.” I laughed and we stood there for a moment, taking in the view of the Valles Grande and the smell of incoming rain. Soon enough he was back on the bike, winding his way down the grassy slopes.

Thanks for talking with me, Todd. I’m so glad you enjoyed your time at Pajarito. 

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