night snowmakingSnowmaking is vital to the success of ski areas around the country and Pajarito Mountain is beginning to see the benefits.  Our elevation, low humidity in the Southwest and cold temperatures all contribute to efficient snowmaking.

Why Snowmaking?
Pajarito Mountain Ski Area normally has sufficient snowfall but snowfall can be unpredictable.  To ensure opening dates having the capability to make snow is very important.  Snowmaking snow is durable and makes a great base for natural snowfall and can add to the length of the season in the springtime.  Recapturing the run-off water to re-use for snowmaking the next season is a responsible efficient use of water.

The Pajarito Mountain Ski Area system currently consists of stationary Fan Guns and Lances.  This equipment is supplemented with four portable Fan Guns.  The system operates automatically, with weather stations on the Fan Guns and Lances and TechnoAlpin computer control system.

1. Four portable Fan Guns, 3 M-18 and 1 M-12 mounted on carriages that allow different placement on the mountain.
2. Six stationary snowmaking stations, four A-9 Lances and 2 Fan Guns, one M-18 and one M-12
3. The equipment and system is an automated system supplied by TechnoAlpin.  The system is an efficient, quality state-of-the-art, up to date system.
4. Currently, the system is supplied with water from run-off collected at the lower mountain and pumped to a 250,000-gallon firefighting water tank.  When that tank is full and overflowing the mountain system is allowed to remove water and fill the snowmaking pond.
5. The snowmaking pond has a capacity of 10 million gallons and is located at the top of the mountain.
6. There are two pump stations for the Ski Area snowmaking system.  One located at the 250,000-gallon tank to pump the water to the snowmaking pond and the other is located at the top of the mountain to charge the snowmaking system.
7. Snowmaking usually begins in Mid-November and continues until our water is depleted.  Currently, the system covers Lone Spruce, Bruce’s Boulevard, Beginners’ West and connection to the Aspen Chairlift