A Q&A with Bathtub Row Brewing

Our hometown brewery, Bathtub Row Brewing Co-op, is partnering with us for this summer’s Beer & Band series. This bi-monthly event is a great way to relax and enjoy delicious local craft beer while listening to local bands. We had the pleasure of asking Bathtub Row’s General Manager, Jason Fitzpatrick, a few questions about the partnership, the events and his thoughts on the Los Alamos craft beer scene.

How would you describe the craft beer scene in Los Alamos?

Vibrant and discerning. This is a very thirsty town and our members and patrons continue to prove their commitment to the craft.

How did Bathtub Row end up partnering with Pajarito Mountain for the Beer & Band series?

One of our former Board Members and most active customers, Thad Hahn, has run the event at Pajarito for years.  We both agreed that pairing Bathtub Row with Beer & Band would make a great partnership. Bathtub Row also enjoys supporting local musicians, so we really appreciate the opportunity to help bring these great events to Los Alamos.  

What does it mean to be a brewing co-op and why did Bathtub Row decide to become one?

We are owned by our membership and run by employees.  The basic structure of the Co-op model is split into 1) Operations, run by the General Manager, and 2) Policy, decided and implemented by the elected Board of Directors.  We do have a professional team running the brewery.  The founders and original members of Bathtub Row Brewing Co-op decided to become a cooperative because they wanted a craft brewery and gathering place for the community.  There wasn’t a single or small group of investors, so they decided to take the concept to the community at large.  The cooperative craft beer model has proven very successful here in Los Alamos.

How many brewing co-ops are there in the U.S.?

To the best of my knowledge, there are five. Hopefully the success of Bathtub Row will inspire others!

Little Bird Blond

Photo credit: BTR Brewing.

Do you see a crossover in skiers and craft beer drinkers in Los Alamos? If so, why do you think that is?

We do get a lot of customers that come right off of the mountain and head to the Tub for a beer.  Both the outdoors and craft beer seem to appeal to a subset of society that enjoys quality, activity, and socialization.  

Which beer are you most excited to bring to the Beer & Band series? Can you give us a preview of the beers you’ll offer at the event?

At each of the Beer & Band events we’ll bring an IPA—by far the most popular beer with our patrons—as well as a variety of three other styles. As lovers of craft beer, we enjoy many different styles and try to highlight seasonal flavors and aromas in our rotating taps.

What do you think of the Beer & Band music lineup?

An eclectic mix of some of the great bands of Northern New Mexico. We are really excited to play a part in showcasing their artistic talent!

*As a friendly reminder, there are no ATMs at Pajarito Mountain, so please bring cash to purchase alcohol and food.