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Pajarito has a free firewood policy for personal use

Pajarito Mountain Firewood Policy

Looking for firewood? Pajarito Mountain allows free firewood gathering for personal use during select times throughout the year.

*2023 UPDATE: All firewood gathering has stopped due to snow on the mountain.

Pajarito Mountain Ski Area allows guests to gather free firewood for personal use only. When permitted, guests must adhere to the Pajarito firewood policy.

Firewood Policy Guidelines:

  1. Sign-in and -out at the Pajarito store located in the lodge at the base of the mountain.
  2. Sign a Liability waiver each year.
  3. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is required when gathering firewood.
  4. Tree harvesting is for personal use only and applies solely to downed trees. Cutting of any standing trees is strictly prohibited.
  5. Cutting is at the risk of the guest. Parjarito Mountain Ski Area assumes no responsibility for injury or accidents while wood cutting or gathering firewood.
  6. Pajarito follows applicable county and city fire restrictions. When chainsaws are banned by these entities, they are banned on the mountain.
  7. A permit stating the wood was obtained from Pajarito Mountain is available upon request at the retail store. This is especially important when transporting wood through public lands.

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