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Meet the Mountain Monday: Summerfest Editions

Welcome back to Pajarito’s Meet the Mountain Monday! An occasional series from our marketing and events coordinator, Kes, about the people who make Pajarito so awesome!

Today we’ll be looking back at our first event of the season: Summerfest! Not only did some of New Mexico’s best breweries show up for the party, but you did, too!

I, for one, was thrilled to see so many people come to hang out on the mountain. Then again, I should have known. After all, who doesn’t love listening to rockin’ music with a beer in hand, all at the base of a magical mountain?

So, for today’s #MeetTheMountainMonday, I would like to thank everyone who came to have a good time and did just that. 

To the happy couple sitting on the slopes as the world melted around them, I’m so glad you found a moment together. 

To the kids running up and down the mountain for hours, chasing each other right, left, and sideways, we were all happy to hear your laughter bounce off the grass. 

To the parents who never stopped dancing with their kids, this memory will last longer than the songs the band played. 

And to the rest of you who took time out of your very busy lives to just have fun, thank you. Without you, the magic that surrounds Pajarito Mountain would certainly fade away.

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