Spring Mountain Update

Ullr sent us a subtle reminder to buy next year’s season passes yesterday: 

April 23, 2019

April 23, 2019

Check out that snow! We’ve been busy prepping the mountain for both summer and next winter (can you believe it?). Here’s an update on what the mountain team has been doing:

Water in the Pond = Snowmaking for Next Winter!
We have been pumping water to the pond around the clock since the very end of March. The system is working great and the run-off is impressive. During the warm part of the day, we can see almost 400 gallons per minute entering the collection cistern. Our pump rate is 440 gallons per minute out of our PS-200. PS-100 the collection point also puts out about 440 gallons per minute, so when the flows and pumping rate get close to matching we are moving a lot of water to the snowmaking pond. Currently, we have pumped 9.98 million gallons into the pond. The snowpack on the watershed that feeds our collection system still has ample snow so we are optimistic we will fill the pond.

snowmaking pond

April 22, 2019

Snowmaking Improvements
We are committed to making improvements to our snowmaking system that will allow for more efficient snowmaking and better snow. Snowmaking improvements are so crucial to our operation because the more sophisticated the overall snowmaking system, the earlier we’re able to get the runs covered and start turning the lifts. In a nutshell, this work helps us open earlier than past seasons with a better snow product.

beginners hill snowmaking 11-12

Snowmaking in action

We’re already starting the countdown to winter – but mark your calendars for June 8th for the kick-off of our summer operations with Summerfest!