Wildlife Sightings

The word Pajarito in Spanish means little bird, and if you are looking for birds at Pajarito, there are no shortages. Pajarito and the Jemez Mountains are full of wildlife! There are thousands of animals that help keep the surrounding area beautiful! They are also vital to the ecosystem. Pajarito is doing its part to balance wildlife and guest needs. Pajarito has animal proof trash cans and cleans up the slope of garbage that animals might think is food.  Here are some of our favorite photos of animals at Pajarito:

Bighorn sheep, deer, and elk are indigenous to Jemez Mountains. This lone bighorn is spotted all over Pajarito Mountain.

Bears are a rare sighting at Pajarito Mountain and avoid people. Pajarito has bear-proof trash cans and security to make sure they stay away from the mountain. Bobcats are a very rare sighting at Pajarito and are rarely spotted during the day. Coyotes are occasionally spotted at Pajarito, and sometimes tracks will be spotted in the freshly groomed snow.

There are hundreds of types of flowers at Pajarito Mountain including these wild iris.

Wild Iris

PC: Andy Thien 

To learn more about the flora at the flowers at Pajarito check out this guide from the PEEC environmental center.

Owls, Ravens, and other birds of prey can also be found at Pajarito. These birds of prey hunt the smaller field mice, picas, and squirrels. This photo is of a great horned owl captured by Leslie Bucklin. Look at those eyes!

Guests who spend enough time outside enjoying Pajarito are bound to see some type of wildlife!  To keep the wildlife wild and safe here is what guests can do at Pajarito:

Please don’t litter and throw your trash away in the bear-proof cans at the lodge. Please do not feed the animals. Keep a safe distance away from animals. You can observe, but these are wild animals and may be dangerous.  Keep on designated trails and roads to minimize the damage of flowers and plants.